BO FABARM STF-12 Compact Shotgun

  • The BO Manufacture FABARM Licensed STF12 is a Tri-Shot Shotgun licensed by FABARM SpA, Italy. The STF/12 is one of the most adaptable and custom-able shotguns in its class. Thanks to unique high-end features, performances and a firmly modern look, this is the shotgun of choice for growing military, Law Enforcement and shooting sports enthusiasts worldwide. This Airsoft shotgun designed and developed from scratch by the BO Manufacture team, this model offers good accuracy and shooting consistency and a yet extremely compact design. It is made out of ABS plastic with an anodised metal barrel.


  • Specifications
  • Length: 810mm
  • Weight: 1.7700 kg
  • Magazine Capacity: 30rd
  • Muzzle Velocity: 310fps
  • Powered by: Spring
  • System: Pump Action Tri Shot
  • Major Colour: Black
  • Bullet Type: 6mm BB