WE 1911 Pistol


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- 17 Round Magazine 
- Pistol Hop Up system
- 330Fps
- Realistic Construction
- Realistic Take-Down 


This is a replica of the US Army 1911 pistol, This is perfect for anyone looking to recreate a US Army classic
style load-out  and would be perfect as a secondary to an M14, or Thompson SMG.
This replica stays very true to the original and has a very well textured set of grips that are incredibly comfy
to hold and that provide an excellent grip on the weapon. The slide and frame are coloured in very dark grey
so as to look identical to the original army 1911, as this is the classic version and not a high-capa style model
the magazine features a realistic 17 round capacity - by having a lower capacity this allows the weapon to stay
slim and much truer to the original 1911 than the high-capa pistols are. 
The weapon has a full working safety and slide lock, and can be re-chambered with either the slide release or
the power stroke method

The airsoft replica is a double action blowback pistol meaning the user simply needs to sight the target, and
provided the weapon is ready to shoot just repeatedly pull the trigger until the magazine is emptied. 

The pistol itself is made from full metal with exception of the grips, and the build quality of this is just 
incredible - the pistol is fitted together perfectly with no unwanted wobble or sway in the parts whatsoever -
perfect for when taking those longer range more accuracy-dependant shots that would be unreachable with
a lower end pistol. The build and air seal quality of this gun is amazing with no leak from the internals what so
ever, the body is perfectly constructed and feels great in the hand with a really well constructed 1:1 scale.